Drupal Recipes

Fox Valley Drupal in conjunction with other local Drupal user groups is engaging to create a collection of site-building recipes of core and contributed modules.

There are many great blog posts, training resources and tutorials already available to the Drupal community, so our intent is not to duplicate, but rather enhance and collect the "best of" examples and keep them updated. As they are deemed complete we hope to add them to the documentation at Drupal.org.


Title Objective Participants Status
Improving User Registration/login experience

Making it simpler for users to self manage their accounts

User Registration - Community Site

Searching Drupal.org for "user registration" you get the sense of how many questions, issues, and concerns exist around the user registration process. User registration on any Drupal site should consider using the methods described in the Drupal documentation regarding Configuring User Account Settings and have a working basic configuration.

bsnodgrass, Adrianm6254 Active