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Searching for "user registration" you get the sense of how many questions, issues, and concerns exist around the user registration process. User registration on any Drupal site should consider using the methods described in the Drupal documentation regarding Configuring User Account Settings and have a working basic configuration.

Recipe Objectives and Features

Community sites rely on regular visitors, members, and organizers being able to create and manage their own user account information. This includes user profile and directory information. This process needs to be simple and require minimal information during account creation and future edits of profile information in order to limit the resources required by organization personnel. Thoughtful consideration of user profile information can also save an organization time by allowing users to control and manage their own information.

Recipe features

  • Make use of standard Drupal core functions
  • Limit the amount of required information to create an account (email only)
  • Make it simple for users to find and edit their account and profile information
  • Provide optional features for specific organizational needs


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Background and Research

After reviewing the available modules we determined

Where a registration requires an assignment of a user Role for permissions documentation ( notes a couple of modules for consideration. and


Implementation on

Since is our latest community site project requiring these features, this site will serve as our test implementation.

Resources and Tutorials

In the process or creating a currated list of resources and tutorials for this recipe.

Optional Steps

Account creation requiring immediate email confirmation could use this contributed module:

Where there is a need for accepting legal conditions for use of the website is an option.



Jury is still out on this one as we actively improve on the recipe.

Supporting Organizations