Drupal Recipes

Fox Valley Drupal in conjunction with other local Drupal user groups is engaging to create a collection of site-building recipes of core and contributed modules.

There are many great blog posts, training resources and tutorials already available to the Drupal community, so our intent is not to duplicate, but rather enhance and collect the "best of" examples and keep them updated. As they are deemed complete we hope to add them to the documentation at Drupal.org.


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Responsive Images

This recipe is how to set up the Responsive Image module in Drupal 8, Breakpoints and also set up Image Styles.

What are responsive images?
Using responsive images means loading images that have been specifically sized for the user screen based on breakpoints. This practice makes websites load faster on mobile devices because image sizes are optimized for mobile devices. This is different than fluid images when large images are scaled down with CSS.

Andrew Olson Active
Email Handling

Presenting information on what needs to be setup in-order to send email so it does not get rejected or put in the recipient's spam folder.

Combating Spam & Phishing 

  • Spam & phishing mail messages have been a problem since the Internet became popular and it has kept growing exponentially. 
  • Despite the numerous attempts at creating anti-spam tools, there’s still a fairly high number of unwanted messages sent every day.
  • To combat spam email three tools were developed, SPF, DKIM and DMARC.
Adrianm6254, bsnodgrass Idea
Email deliverability

Make sure email can be delivered by the site.

Simple Payment and Access

Providing a stand-alone process to pay for and access services, events, and content, (i.e. things you don't have to ship) without implementing a full-blown e-commerce system.

bsnodgrass, Adrianm6254 Idea
Organic SEO
Media Considerations
Providing Printable content
Migration best practices
General Building Best Practices

The objective will be to guide new site builders through a logical order of site-building steps. The recipe will heavily rely on the documentation on drupal.org.

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Site Building Ideas

This is a meta recipe to create a batch of recipe ideas for discussion and development. This batch will be supported by net2Community, inc. and were

Submitted by Bob Snodgrass

  • Improving User Registration/login experience
  • Email deliverability
  • Simple Payment and Access;  for services, events and content, i.e. things you don't have to ship
  • Organic SEO
  • General Building Best Practices
  • Media Considerations
  • Providing Printable content
  • Migration best practices
bsnodgrass, Adrianm6254 Idea