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We've started our Summer Series, still doing the online thing. We will do a DrupalCon Wrap-Up and present our first round of Drupal Recipes for site builders!

• Streamlining the User Registration process
• Another favorite from Announcing Drupal Recipes https://foxvalleydrupal.org/article/announcing-drupal-recipes

6pm — Social Hour
7pm — DrupalCon Wrap-up, Site Showcases, Presentations & Discussions

Drupal Recipes Discussion Items

  • Introduction
  • Recipes Content Type
  • Example Recipe
  • Discussion Items
    • Suggestions for the Content type
    • Setup User accounts recommended
    • Submit a Recipe idea
    • Research, experiment, test, share
    • How to Moderate Recipes
  • Future ideas
    • Involve other user groups
    • Completed recipes posted on D.O.
    • Package recipes for sharing

(We end at 9pm but you can hang around if you like.)