Past Events



Discover Drupal Initiative Part 2: DrupalCon 2022 Recap through the eyes of a newcomer

• Introductions

• Updates on the Discover Drupal Initiative and a Recap from DrupalCon 2022 in Portland, Oregon. Facilitator AmyJune Hineline

• Q&A and Discussion

6:30 p.m. — Social time
7–9 p.m. — Presentation & Discussions


Decoupled CMS - Overview, Benefits, and Challenges

  • Introduction and Challenges
  • What Is Decoupled?
  • Benefits

Demo Time:

  • Drupal-Tome-Netlify
  • Drupal-Gatsby
  • Drupal/NodeJS CMS Decoupled Site


The preliminary program materials and agenda should be considered a work in progress until game time.



Introductions and Lightning Talks (Intros to next month's presentations) 7pm CDT

  • Bob Snodgrass - sharpening the tools


  • What's New in WordPress - Clare Parkinson, organizer for WordPress Naperville Meetup



More Drupal Recipes Discussions

Andrew Olson and Bob Snodgrass have been talking up the ideas for expanding the visibility of Drupal Recipes to encourage more participation from the extended Drupal Community

Discussion around Your Drupal Journey - Northeast Drupal Camp's BOF
Chattanooga Drupal Camp Drupal Recipes Recap -…