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More Drupal Recipes Discussions

Andrew Olson and Bob Snodgrass have been talking up the ideas for expanding the visibility of Drupal Recipes to encourage more participation from the extended Drupal Community

Discussion around Your Drupal Journey - Northeast Drupal Camp's BOF
Chattanooga Drupal Camp Drupal Recipes Recap -…


Best Practices Drupal Recipes

  • Vote for your favorite
  • Ensuring email delivery from your Drupal Site
  • Responsive Images

As site builders, we can provide cost-effective features for our clients if we stick to documented approaches that have worked well in the past.

The Fox Valley Drupal users group have been promoting our efforts to collaborate with others in the Drupal community to collaborate and curate available resources as we develop best practices around various site-building recipes.


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"You thought Lando was just a flight simulator. A tool to be used on the ground, safely replicating the real-world environment you and your team face in production. What if I told you that Lando is also your production facility, your launchpad, and your mission control? That it’s the launch vehicle that takes you to orbit as well as the ground-support system that sees your mission through to success?


We've started our Summer Series, still doing the online thing. Our first round of Drupal Recipes for site builders will be the focus of our main presentations.

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